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SynCom Flex

SynCom Flex unterstützt Helmholtz Forscher:innen im Forschungsbereich "Erde und Umwelt" bei einmaligen Synthese- und Kommunikationsaktivitäten. Ideen können jederzeit unabhängig von einer Einreichungsfrist an SynCom übermittelt werden.

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Call for Proposals: SynCom Flex

Starting February 2024, SynCom continuously welcomes applications for SynCom Flex activities.

The agile SynCom tool, SynCom Flex, is designed to support one-off activities of smaller scope than, and clearly distinct from, SynCom projects. The aim of SynCom Flex activities is to contribute to achieving the Program Objectives through concise formats. In a SynCom Flex activity, participants have the opportunity to engage in collaboration with scientists from diverse backgrounds and disciplines, as well as non-scientific communities.

Potential activities encompass, but are not limited to:

  • Synthesis workshop
  • Research synthesis paper (writing retreat/sprint)
  • Mapping of expertise
  • Small parliamentary event
  • Stakeholder meeting
  • Science-Policy dialogue

SynCom Flex formats are expected to enforce activities between the Helmholtz Centres within the Helmholtz Research Field ‘Earth and Environment’. The call is open for one-off activities with several participants comprising at least two Topics and two Helmholtz Centres. Any researcher within the Helmholtz Research Field ‘Earth and Environment’ can apply for a SynCom Flex activity. SynCom Flex activities will receive personnel support within the capabilities of SynCom anchor persons and the coordination office, and a limited financial support capped at generally €1000 net.

An exceptional feature of SynCom is its unique science-policy network which connects participants with key stakeholders and decision-makers. SynCom offers distraction-free environments for productive exchanges and targeted interactions with stakeholders in politics, society, and industry, thereby enhancing scientific impact. SynCom Flex promotes interdisciplinary knowledge creation and broadens partnerships beyond the scientific community. These aspects of SynCom are particularly advantageous for early career researchers, offering them a platform to expand their professional networks and enhance their scientific impact.

For further information, please see the proposal template below. The SynCom Office and the SynCom Anchor Persons offer guidance on the application process and evaluation.

Proposals are selected by the Program Board of the Helmholtz Research Field 'Earth and Environment’ based on the following evaluation criteria:

  • Integrative in terms of Topics and Centres
  • Compatible with the research programme ‘Changing Earth – Sustaining our Future‘ and contributing to achieving the Program Objectives
  • Novelty in terms of timeliness/demand and/or filling gaps in the Research Field ‘Earth and Environment’
  • Feasibility considering limited funds of €1000 net

Interested researchers within Helmholtz 'Earth and Environment' can submit their proposals at any time based on the template below. SynCom is committing to a swift decision on received SynCom Flex proposals, typically within 14 days. Please submit the proposal via e-mail to Marie Heidenreich: marie.heidenreich@gfz-potsdam.de

SynCom Flex Proposal - Call und Template