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Cities and Climate Change

The goal of this project is to provide integrated knowledge transfer in the area of urban transformation processes. With this, a strengthening of the consultancy services of the research field "Earth and Environment" takes place.

In this context, this project develops new services which support cities and communities in developing sustainable urban structures. Furthermore, it strives to verify the successful implementation of rural climate action plans.

In the long term, Cities and Climate Change will provide additional impact by making available new knowledge in cross-cutting education offers.


Bernd Hansjürgens: bernd.hansjuergens@ufz.de

Johannes Orphal: johannes.orphal@kit.edu

Impact Analysis (in German)

Anschließend an den Parlamentarischen Abend „Die klimaresiliente Stadt“ am 8. November 2022 wurden sieben Interviews mit Parlamentariern bzw. deren Mitarbeitenden geführt, um sie nach ihrer Beurteilung der Veranstaltung zu fragen. Dabei ist der hiesige Bericht entstanden.
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