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Cross-Cutting Activities

Cross-Cutting Activities (distinguished as “Collaboration across Research Fields” CARFs and “Cross Topic Acitivities” CTAs) serve the overall objectives of the Helmholtz Association to bridge Research Fields, to promote thematic profiling and networking in the Research Fields and to strengthen and organize links with the German scientific community.

Cross-Cutting Activities with other Research Fields CARFs:

Cross-Topic Activities (CTA)

The Research Field Earth and Environment DataHub

The Research Field (RF) Earth and Environment measures and models the properties of the Earth system to understand past and future changes. Thus, it already holds a wealth of data and, in addition, the amount of data is growing rapidly. To make (and keep) this data FAIR the research data management in the RF is consolidated in the DataHub. The DataHub distributed information infrastructure – is part of the wider digitalisation strategy of the RF and Helmholtz in general and also an offer to the NFDI and NFDI4Earth in particular. Thus, new research – based on FAIR data and open science – is enabled in the wider Earth system science community and beyond, including linkages to health, economy, energy, etc. to tackle together grand societal challenges.