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Scaling up Carbon Dioxide Removal

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The project aims to develop large-scale demonstrators for the removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere

Since human activities cannot be fully decarbonized in the future, the development and implementation of CDR techniques on the order of gigatonnes per year is necessary. So far, however, there are no large-scale demonstrators for CDR in Germany - in contrast to some other countries. The project aims to promote the future development of CDR demonstrators in Germany. To this end, the research team first wants to network the community in the Earth & Environment research area, which is actively working on approaches for natural and technical carbon removal. In addition, it wants to conduct a dialogue with the various interest groups (public, politics, industry) about the feasibility and challenges of implementing CDR demonstrators. And last but not least, work together with the mentioned stakeholders to increase the visibility, awareness and evaluation of risks and impact assessments regarding CDR demonstration projects.


Dirk Sachse: dirk.sachse@gfz-potsdam.de
Gesine Mollenhauer: gesine.mollenhauer@awi.de